Vesturport touring with Metamorphosis

08. Jan 2013


Vesturport will be touring with Metamorphosis for the next three months, stopping in London, Calgary (CAN), Boston and  at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC. Vesturport was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, BAM, New York, in December performing their renowned version of Faust   According to Gísli Örn Garðarsson  Vesturport´s founder and director,  the BAM experience receded expectations. The show was sold out, all 7 performances in 5 days.
PAI asked Gísli Örn about BAM and the tour.

How did it go with Faust at BAM?

It exceeded expectations, performing 7 shows in 5 days, every 900 seat of the theatre was sold out, at all shows. Every night there was a line of people waiting to purchase the unclaimed tickets. It was quite a buzz and extremely fun and all the actors were very pleased with the success. BAM is one of the most technically advanced theaters we have performed in and very suitable for shows like Faust. The staff is well acquainted with our very demanding productions as this is the third show we perform there. We have brought Metamorphosis and Woyzeck to the BAM before

What is next on Vesturport´s schedule?

We will be on the road for the next 3 months. We are taking Metamorphosis on tour to Boston and Washington in February and March. But first we are going to Calgary, Canada with the show and before that we are performing Metamorphosis in London for four weeks in January/ February. We are excited as touring is always fun and inspiring. It is always exhilarating to perform at venues abroad, especially those which are well equipped technically and the staff prepared for shows like our, as it was at BAM. We are looking forward to the coming weeks.

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