Swufus at Reykjavik Dance Atelier February 5th at 20:00

04. Feb 2013


Wilderness SWUFUS IN HÖFN - A sharing of their project "Naked Happiness"

Wilderness dance "officially" started three weeks ago with the arrival of the Latvian group Swufus in Iceland. Their residency in Höfn is in co-operation with The Cultural centre of Höfn. Their artistic research during the time centered around ideas of human identity. Now they have returned from the "Wilderness" and will share the outcome of their project with audience at Dansverkstæðið-Reykjavik Dance Atelier February 5th at 20:00. Free admittance

Swufus was the first of 10 Wilderness dance companies to start their residency work. Next comes the pan Nordic / Baltic group Foreign mountain who willl stay at Fljotdalsherad, east of Iceland for the best part of Febuary. Their residency is in collboration with the Slaughterhouse, cultural centre.

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Our idea is to play with the notion of human identity, to bring our four individual interpretations of what makes a Latvian and put it through the test in wilderness communities. During the first residency we will disclose our Latvian identities to people in Hornafjörður and make an observation of how they see and interpret us. After collecting this new information we bring the Icelandic people’s interpretation of what makes a Latvian to Norway and continue to observe how they interpret the Icelandic interpretation of interpretation of what makes a Latvian. Using the structure of a popular children game called "silent phone" where the original information is passed on through several people and inevitably altered by the end, we will create an “intercultural silent phone” about all the things that makes us different. It will be an odyssey of identities which reveals what we see in each other and what gets lost on the way.

You can follow the Wilderness artists blog on http://kedjawilderness.tumblr.com/

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