Nordic Drama Train in Faroe Island 27-28th of March

07. Apr 2015


The second Nordic Drama Train was launched during the Nordic Performing Art Days in Copenhagen in june 2014. Its first stop was Sjónleikarahúsid in Faroe Island on 27th and 28th of march. The Drama Train is held every other year and is hosted by the Nordic Theatre Union and its members, the Nordic ITI´s and information center. The Train replaces the Nordic Drama Prize; formerly given to one Nordic playwright biannually. In 2014-15 six Nordic playwrights, one from each of the six Nordic countries will travel on the Nordic Drama Train with their selected work. Readings of the work are organized, often in connection to larger festival events and thus give the playwrights a wide exposure of their work. Iceland’s contribution this year is the play Sek by Hrafnhildur Hagalín which was premiered by The Akureyri Theatre Company in 2013. The Drama Train’s next stop will be in Iceland and Norway at the end of this summer.

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