Room 408

Room 408 is a web theatre founded in the spring 2009. The company explores the internet as a performance venue using the medium as a vehicle for performance, a channel between performance places and inspiration for new writing. Each performance allows the audience to experience theatre events in the virtual space of the web and/or in the physical space of the where the performances take place. Room 408 investigates the behavior of people on the internet and allows the virtual world of the web affect both form and content of the its pieces letting the stories unfold in multiple layers. The first piece of the theatre, Herbergi 408, is both an interactive sound piece staitioned on the web and a live performance between Helsinki and Reykjavik, streching itself over the Atlantic ocean through the internet and broadcasted live on Current project is a series of 12 short pieces  “12 Short Pieces on Compulsion, Emotions and Quirks” broadcasted each month through the year 2010. Room 408 was nominated for Prix Europa Prize in Berlin 2010 in the “Emerging Media” category.

Founded by Hrafnhildur Hagalín and Steinunn Knústdóttir


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