Lab Loki

° Laboratory.° Methodological Research.° Devised work, - New writing.° International collaboration.° Profound Banalities.
Lab Loki is an experimental theatre company based on the idea that the actor is the prime energy and source of the theatre. Therefore the company’s work is focused on the actor’s technique and creativity e.g. by means of daily training. The company was founded in Reykjavík, 1992, and initially the work was focused on intensive training, ensemble work and research into the art of the performer. In 1996 the company moved it’s base to England, where the group became revitalized by new members and collaboration with various performance artists and researchers. Back in Reykjavík, 2000, - and based there since -, Lab Loki has continued to work internationally and has performed numerous new plays and devised pieces since then and received some awards.